Quinlan research

      Cerebral palsy Affecting 1 in 400 births, cerebral palsy (CP) is a movement disorder that permanently impairs motor control, caused by injuries during prenatal development. Much of the existing research on CP is focused on effects of brain injury; the Quinlan lab investigates changes to the spinal cord that contribute to motor […]

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International Clinical Trials Day

Alzheimer’s disease research depends on volunteers to participate in clinical trials to test new potential treatments.  If you’re curious about what it means to participate in a trial––whether for yourself or a loved one––we hope you will join us for a “virtual clinical trial” open house and speaking program: Monday, May 20, 2019 URI George […]

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Superfoods for the Gut and Brain

LIFESTYLE Superfoods for the Gut and Brain Professor Navindra Seeram studies the link between gut and brain health. Are you a responder?  Foods rich in polyphenols (see sidebar below) have been shown to help prevent, or even reverse, age-related cognitive decline and neuronal dysfunction. But research by URI Professor Navindra Seeram shows that your gut […]

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Brain Week Rhode Island

Join us as we celebrate Brain Week Rhode Island (March 9 – 17) with two great events:  Superfoods for a Healthy Gut and Brain Thursday, March 14 • 5:30 p.m. Beaupre Center for Chemical & Forensic Sciences, Room 100 Free and open to the public. No registration required. Nearby parking is in Beaupre lot (13). […]

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What is a prevention registry?

Alzheimer’s Prevention Registries are databases containing the contact information, and sometimes limited medical information, for individuals willing to consider participating in trials that are designed to prevent (as opposed to treat) the disease.  These trials may involve lifestyle interventions, such as exercise or diet modifications, or medications. Participation in a trial is not a requirement […]

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