Manuel Publications

  Publications *Ryan Institute affiliation Reedich EJ,* Genry LT,* Steele PR,* Mena Avila E,* Dowaliby L,* Drobyshevsky A, Manuel M,* Quinlan KA.* Spinal Motoneurons Respond Aberrantly to Serotonin in a Rabbit Model of Cerebral Palsy.  J Physiol., 2023.  Cavarsan CF,* Steele PR,* Genry LT,* Reedich EJ,* McCane LM,* LaPre KJ,* Puritz AC,* Manuel M,* Katenka N, Quinlan […]

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Manuel Overview

  The Motor Systems Lab focuses on unraveling the intricacies of the motor system and understanding how normal motor function is impacted in pathological conditions. Employing a range of cutting-edge techniques, including in vivo electrophysiology, in vitro electrophysiology, viral approaches, and advanced imaging methods, our research aims to shed light on the underlying mechanisms governing […]

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Q&A: Jessica Alber, Ph.D.

Her inspiration, the biggest challenges in her work, and what makes her feel hopeful. Assistant Professor Jessica Alber investigates the potential to use retinal imaging as a screening tool for early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. Performed during a routine eye exam, the screening technique could help provide a low-cost, minimally invasive way to detect Alzheimer’s disease before […]

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Q&A: The risks of brain bleeds in antibody treatments for Alzheimer’s disease

Ryan Institute Co-Executive Director William Van Nostrand answers questions about the potential risk of brain bleeds associated with newly-approved lecanemab and similar treatments. This summer, the FDA granted full approval to lecanemab, an antibody treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.  The antibody—a protein that works by clearing amyloid-beta protein “plaques” in the brain, a signature of Alzheimer’s disease—has […]

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    Postdoc Graduate Students Undergraduate Students Liviana Donatelli (INP, Psy) Alex Burns (INP) Bhavya Chatragadda (INP, CMB-microbiology) Emilie Gastone (CMB) Past members – Undergrads Tinu Oladele  Kofo Adebiyi Elizabeth Murphy

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New affiliated faculty members join the Ryan Institute

The Ryan Institute was pleased to welcome ten new faculty affiliates in Spring 2023 from the College of Pharmacy, College of Health Sciences, and College of Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering. Specializing in research areas that complement the institute’s focus on pathogenic mechanisms of neurodegenerative disease, our URI network of affiliated faculty are valuable partners […]

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