Brain Week Rhode Island

Join us as we celebrate Brain Week Rhode Island (March 9 – 17) with two great events:  Superfoods for a Healthy Gut and Brain Thursday, March 14 • 5:30 p.m. Beaupre Center for Chemical & Forensic Sciences, Room 100 Free and open to the public. No registration required. Nearby parking is in Beaupre lot (13). […]

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What is a prevention registry?

Alzheimer’s Prevention Registries are databases containing the contact information, and sometimes limited medical information, for individuals willing to consider participating in trials that are designed to prevent (as opposed to treat) the disease.  These trials may involve lifestyle interventions, such as exercise or diet modifications, or medications. Participation in a trial is not a requirement […]

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Q&A with William Van Nostrand

FACULTY Q&A Meet William Van Nostrand, Ph.D. The Hermann Professor of Neuroscience reflects on the serendipity of science, what’s next in his research, and what we still don’t know about exercise. BILL VAN NOSTRAND WAS a grad student in biochemistry at University of California, Irvine, when he was tasked with isolating and characterizing an unknown […]

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Early Impact

FACULTY Q&A Early Impact Professor Nasser Zawia on “the critical window” during brain development, why minority populations are more vulnerable to Alzheimer’s, and the secret to staying motivated. AS A KID, PROFESSOR NASSER ZAWIA wondered endlessly about the big questions: the history of the universe, human existence, and life as we know it—an ongoing fascination […]

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Steps Forward

FACULTY Q&A   Steps Forward Assistant Professor Katharina Quinlan investigates the mysteries of ALS. KATHARINA QUINLAN WAS a freshman at Marquette University, just starting her first day of a summer research job, when she saw something she would never forget. Her professor, studying locomotor networks in lampreys, had isolated the spinal cord from a fish. […]

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RIH event

Countdown to 2025: Progress on Ending Alzheimer’s Disease In 2013, world leaders at the G8 dementia summit set a target deadline to have a disease-modifying treatment for Alzheimer’s by 2025.   Learn about new developments in the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease in an evening with researchers from Rhode Island Hospital and URI: Brian […]

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Taking stock

VIEWS   Taking Stock This is the time to push harder in our research into under-explored factors. OVER THE SUMMER, you may have seen speculative headlines and even stock market frenzy surrounding some of the findings presented at the annual Alzheimer’s Association International Conference. While there were encouraging results and new reasons to be positive, […]

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