Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry


The Ryan Institute has partnered with the
national Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry 
in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.


How do I join the registry?

It’s easy and free. Visit the registry home page at

Why should I sign up?
When you sign up for the registry, you’ll receive Alzheimer’s news and research updates, as well as information on studies in the Southern New England area. 

What is the registry?
The Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry is a national database of adults 18+ who are interested in learning about Alzheimer’s research and possibly taking part in a study near them. It is hosted by the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute in Arizona.  

Who can join?
Any adult 18+ can join. If you’re interested in learning more about Alzheimer’s research for yourself or a family member, we encourage you to sign up. [themify_quote]Scientists are making great progress in the fight against Alzheimer’s, but 80% of studies are delayed by a lack of participants.[/themify_quote]

What happens after I sign up?
The Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry works with scientists to identify studies that need participants. When you join, you will be added to the database of nearly 300,000 registry members. As new studies are identified, the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry will search for members who might be eligible and email them to let them know about the study.

•  Study participation is always optional, and you can choose to drop out at any time.

•  Your personal information will always remain confidential.

•  In addition to study information, you’ll also receive the latest Alzheimer’s news and research findings.

For more information on study participation, visit