Mariusz Furmanek, P.T., D.P.T., Ph.D.

  • Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy
  • Ryan Research Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
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Dr. Furmanek’s research focuses on neurophysiological motor control mechanisms in healthy and clinical populations. He is interested in understanding how humans integrate multisensory information (visual, auditory, proprioception) to produce coordinated movements. Specifically, he is interested in neural processes involved in upper extremity coordination during reach-to-grasp actions and postural control. His area of interest is also related to the validity and reliability of functional measures of human performance in both physical and virtual environments. His long-term goal is to translate scientific findings into practical applications (evidence-based practice) and make diagnostics and corrective technologies more suitable for clinical applications.

Dr. Furmanek’s is a PI of the Motor Control and Rehabilitation Laboratory (MCR Lab) at the Physical Therapy Department. Dr. Furmanek’s field of research is motor control and its clinical significance. He is interested in understanding how the nervous system integrates multisensory information to produce coordinated movements.