Professor Lisa Weyandt Honored by Penn State for ADHD Research and Mentorship

OCTOBER 25, 2017

URI Professor of Psychology and Ryan Research Professor of Neuroscience Lisa Weyandt has been honored with the Alumni Recognition Award by the Penn State College of Health and Human Development Alumni Society. 

Weyandt’s research focuses on the physiological, cognitive, educational, and psychosocial  impacts of ADHD on children, adolescents, and young adults, particularly college students. Her work has been at the forefront of understanding the effectiveness and health risks of prescription stimulant medications across the United States and abroad.

“Dr. Weyandt’s record of accomplishment in her field, and at the University of Rhode Island, led to her selection by our awards committee,” said David McClung, president of the Penn State College of Health and Human Development Alumni Society’s board of directors. “Both her mentorship of undergraduate and graduate students and her research on children and young adults with ADHD are remarkable, and we are proud that she is part of our alumni family.”

Read more about Weyandt’s work here and in the Spring 2015 issue of Momentum.

Photography: Beau Jones for Momentum: Research and Innovation