Public-Private Partnerships


The Ryan Institute provides a nexus where organizations can come together in an innovative way. Collaborations between key research institutes and organizations will allow for evaluating interactions and the potential discovery of a multi-pronged approach to treatment.

Active partnerships include:

MindImmune Therapeutics, Inc.

The Ryan Institute’s partnership with pharma startup MindImmune began with the company’s desire to stay in Rhode Island. The Ryan Institute was able to offer lab space and Institute affiliation, and the Slater Technology Fund joined the partnership as an investor.

Public-Private Partnerships

Stevin Zorn

Public-Private Partnerships

Frank Menniti

Public-Private Partnerships

Bob Nelson

Public-Private Partnerships

Brian Campbell

Four neuropharmacology researchers previously with Pfizer, Lundbeck and Mnemosyne Pharmaceutical companies—Stevin Zorn, Frank Menniti, Bob Nelson and Brian Campbell—have formed a new company, MindImmune Therapeutics, Inc., which focuses on targeting specific enzymes and cell surface receptors associated with immune cells to inhibit the deleterious neuroinflammatory actions that they produce in the central nervous system—a response that, if unimpeded, can cause significant damage to healthy neurons leading to or exacerbating disease.

Providence Journal: Neuroscience startup at URI to focus on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s

RI Neuroscience Leadership and Steering Committee

In December 2015, five institutions involved in neuroscience and related healthcare fields in Rhode Island signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to approve the formation of a collaborative effort to support and coordinate neuroscience research across the state. Participating institutions are:

  • The University of Rhode Island and the Ryan Institute
  • Brown University and the Brown Institute for Brain Studies
  • Lifespan, owner of Rhode Island Hospital which houses the Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute
  • Providence VA Medical Center and the VA Center of Excellence for Neurorestoration and Neurotechnology
  • Care New England, owner of Butler Hospital

The goals of this collaboration include sharing information on research projects; forming inter-institutional partnerships that capitalize on each partner’s strengths; developing training opportunities for scientists, physicians, engineers, and others involved in the neurosciences; engage in collective planning; and promoting neuroscience research in Rhode Island through symposia and workshops.

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Partnerships between the George & Anne Ryan Institute for Neuroscience and other public and private organizations are essential to its mission of bridging the gap between discovery and therapy. If you would like to propose a partnership, please contact us at

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